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the winking man


Due to people thinking and posting on social media that’s its snowing by us we have taken the decision to turn off the infrared on the camera, this will affect night vision.

Please don’t constantly view the camera, nothing really changes,  its just a road, but its a road in the beautiful Peak District National Park.

This camera was put up to prove that the A53 still has traffic up to here even when the authorities say its closed instead of being accessible, effectively restricting our trading

Please note this is a free service provided by the pub and sometimes cant be viewed on certain tablets if the software is not up to date on them or you are in a low data area on mobile.

There is approximately a five second delay from live to when viewed.

The camera will do various tours depending on weather north facing Buxton, South facing Leek, The flag or wind sock gives you an idea of wind direction.

Camera Parked at night facing north

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